It's been a while since I've got out and taken photos in Hong Kong so when I'm next home I definitely feel the need to get out there and go shooting. To aid this I'm looking at buying a new lens when I'm next home. I've been looking at the 70 - 200mm L IS f/4 as a lens to add to my arsenal - the plan is to to isolate the subject further and have a greater variety of options when shooting. After that I reckon I'll be looking at a wide angle lens. Suggestions are more than welcome. 

Today's shot is not of an isolated subject but of a cross roads in Graham Street Market. Graham Street Market is smack bang in the centre of hundreds of high rise buildings and has been around for longer than 100 years. Due to it's location it is a fairly unique but hugely popular market for both locals and resident expats - can't really go wrong with cheap fresh food.

I tried to get take in as much as possible but thats always pretty difficult when there is so much to experience. For your reference the markets run down the hill from right to left. Straight ahead (although you can't see it due to the signs) is the mid-levels escalator - longest sequence in the world. 

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 26mm, f5.6, 1/40, ISO 200