After taking photos out and about Hong Kong, as well as in a few other locations, I now reckon I have couple photos good enough to share. You'll find photos that have been taken in my home city of Hong Kong, Yosemite National Park (USA), Cambridge (UK), Niseko (Japan) as well as a few other places. Most of the photos are fairly recognisable so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to place them.

The main reason behind this website was to share my portfolio, however, I hope having this website will help me increase my focus and ability in photography. Please feel free to leave me an email if you have any comments on my photos, website layout and presentation or anything you feel I would be interested in. 

I will try to add more and more photos to the website as well as share anything that I feel you might be interested in.

I have no expectations and no idea where this might lead but hopefully it should be a rather enjoyable experience.



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