So I'm pleased to report back the majority of the feedback so far has been fairly positive - this is a good start. After 3 days of running there have been just short of 50 unique views to my website. This doesn't count the amount of times I've come to have a look - I like seeing my images on my own website, I find it rather pleasing. 

This Saturday I'm heading to Singapore for 2 months work. I'll be working on the logistics and running of the HSBC Womens Champions, which is a LPGA event. I worked on it last year and had a great time so I have high hopes for this year! It should be fun and provide me with money with which I can go traveling to cool places.

I've included a shot I took in Singapore last year. Its of their 'Eye', which they refer to as the 'Singapore Flyer'.

At a height of 165m, Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and is set to be one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions.

Featuring fixed capsules the size of a bus, the spectacular monument is capable of holding up to 784 passengers. Each capsule has a 28 person capacity and each revolution takes approximately 30 minutes.

Singapore Flyer was conceived and designed by Dr. Kisho Kurokawa and DP Architects, Singapore. It held its groundbreaking ceremony in September 2005 and was launched in 2008. It promises more than just a view, but a panorama that captures Marina Bay’s skyline with a glimpse of neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia.

(Source www.singaporeflyer.com)