So, I've been rather busy and not had a chance to post a new photo recently. Already, in my aim of sharing one/ two photos per week, I have failed. However, I will try to rectify this by posting more photos in the coming weeks and months. 

The Central Area or Central Business District (CBD) contains the core financial and commercial districts in Singapore which is part of the Central Region in the southern part of Singapore. It approximately equates to the area which may be referred to as the city despite Singapore being a city in itself.

Singapore River which currently empties into Marina Bay, is a major landmark in this Central Area. The historical past of this river was that it emptied into the Singapore Straits, the main maritime activity site for the colony. The commercial areas which developed on the south banks became the CBD for post-independence Singapore (also known as Golden Shoe).

(Source Wikipedia)

The photo is of down town Singapore, where all the high-flying, rat race working financial types work. Happily I'm not one of them! It is an HDR photo from a combination of 3 exposures. Let me know what you think.

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