I feel that although my photos aren't jaw droopingly fantastic they do reach a certain standard and aren't all that bad. I've learnt how to control most of the camera (i.e.. knowing when to use what aperture, shutter speed or ISO) and I've also got to grips with post processing (mainly in Apple's Aperture).

One area, however, I think I fall slightly short is the composition. A better composition could turn a good photo a great photo or a great photo into a gallery worthy photo. So, in an attempt to improve my composition I am going to try a little experiment. When I arrive to a scene that I want to photograph instead of snapping away from all different angles, of which I can then chose the best in post, I'm going to take my time and just take ONE.

I'm going to chose the composition, all the in camera details (aperture, shutter speed, etc.), whether or not I want it to be HDR or just a single exposure and anything else that might be necessary and then take just ONE photo.  By taking my time and really thinking over what necessary I hope to improve my odds of taking a decent photo - from about 1:15 to around 1:5.

I'll keep you informed on how its going by putting a ratio in along with the metadata. Lets see what happens - please leave notes/ critiques in the comments on what you think I could have done better.