Last night was a bit of disappiontment - I went out into the night with my tripod and camera in hand, all excited about grabing a couple of night time puddle shots of the Petronas Towers only to run into problems right from the word go. 

Firstly, I forgot to bring the part on the tripod that screws into the camera to hold it in place - minor I know so I'll leave that there.

Secondly, there didn't really seem to be any decent puddles about. We just had a fairly intense thunderstorm that could only have stopped 30min before and there were hardly any puddles to use - in a country that has thunderstorms almost everyday, who would have thought they would have good drainage, eh?

Thirdly, I can't take long exposures. I tried. I found a nice fountain that would lead the viewer up to the Petronas Tower but couldn't get the exposure right (both crouched down on the ground and standing up). I even found a metal sculpture of a humpback whale (yes, you read that correctly) to use as forground interest. There always seemed to be surpus light or reflections, which I didn't notice/consider until after I reviewed the photo that would ruin or take away the focus.

Perhpas, even with all my leading lines or foreground interest, I was standing in completely the wrong place and the ambient light about was to great for my camera to handle. And perhaps, next time it rains heavily I need to head out as it's finishing not after it's finished to find a decent puddle.

I guess I need more practice or to do more preparation before heading out. Or maybe I'll stick to natural lightling and just take photos in daylight..