Last weekend I was back in Hong Kong for an event a friend organised, which was fantastic however, what made the quick 48 hours even better was that on Sunday my brother and I managed to drive up to the Peak - the highest point on Hong Kong Island. I don't remember the last time Hong Kong was so clear!

My time at the Peak was limited because of my flight back to Kuala Lumpur later that evening, which meant I wasn't able to stay for "Magic Hour". However, when you see a view like the one we we graced with I don't mind missing "Magic Hour" - you could see for miles.

I also got to use my brother's 7D, which was pretty cool as I've not taken any shots with anything but my 400D. I love this photo and know that whenever I want to remind myself of Home this is what I'm going to look at.

This photo is a 4 shot hand held panoramic photo stitched with Photoshop 4. Make sure you see it in the Hong Kong Gallery Lightbox

Canon 7D, Tamron 18 - 200mm f3 - 5.6; 18mm, f16, 1/160, ISO 250