When I arrived in Beijing it was exactly how people had stereotyped it. The pollution was terrible - I couldn't see past 200m - the traffic was ridiculous and the place was extremely dry and dirty. However, soon this all changed. After two weeks the skies cleared up; there wasn't a single cloud to be seen (I could even see the sky!) and I had got used the craziness that was Beijing. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and I was even beginning to speak some mandarin too.

One night, after I got home, it was crystal clear and I felt the need to make the most of this opportunity - I was never to sure when the pollution would return and I only had a week or so left - so I climbed on my bike and cycled to the Olympic Park. I couldn't leave Beijing without a photo of the two iconic stadiums!

The 'Birds Nest' and the 'Water Cube' need to be seen in person. Photos can capture the colour but the grandeur and coolness of these stadiums needs to be seen in person. With so many options and varieties in which to capture the two stadiums I strode out a big figure of 8 (around and through the two) to try and find the best vantage point. I spent longer looking and walking around the 'Water Cube' because the blue is just too addictive to look at.

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm; 45mm, f32, 15s, ISO 100