Since I first put this site together it has always been slightly confused as to it's purpose. Is it portraying it's self as a photographers portfolio or is it meant to be a regularly updated photo blog? I guess, the reason behind this thinking was that the home page was set up as a blog, however the site was generally geared around a bunch of photo galleries. 

So, after a fair amount of mental dilly-dallying I've come to the decision that this website should be presented as a photographer's portfolio. A new home page has been created, which, for a novice in HTML & CSS such as my self took a fair amount of time! The current structure and organisation of the site is still being modified (all photos being uniformly the same) and edited but it is beginning to come together.

The blog has now been redefined into 'News', which, although doesn't look any different will provide information on photography projects, trips and other such information. There is more in the pipeline which I hope to roll out soon.