I've posted a good amount of HDR photos on the website and I would say around 25% of the photos I've taken have been with HDR in mind. I quite like the effect that an HDR photo produces so long as it has been processed well and not over the top (I hope I'm not doing that myself..). If you browse through any photo sharing website for HDR photos I feel currently, the majority are over processed and psychedelic but as this technique gets more familiar with photographers I think this will change.

In my opinion combining exposures to create an HDR photo is a method that assists the photographer in capturing more light. With a single exposure you are limited to a set range on light but with combining exposures you can extend this, which is why HDR photography is so interesting. 

This was one of my first HDR attempts. Its a hand held three exposure shot combined together with photomatix pro. I took a single exposure photo at the same time but the HDR really allows for a strong sunset, whilst keeping the buildings and foreground exposed.

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 17mm, f5.6, ISO 100 - 3 exposures