During my last stint in Singapore I was staying in a fantastic hotel right next to down town Singapore. One evening after work I grabbed my camera and heading to a location I'd previously spied to photograph the city centre. I was however, without a tripod when the sun went down. Not smart. Especially when you need to keep the camera steady for those long exposures. Rather than trying to act as a robot and hold the camera steady (which I know I would fail at) I tried to think about any other possible shooting opportunities.

This is the result. I held the camera for about around a second so that it would record the buildings before spinning the camera around. I'm amazed at how smooth I turned the camera. Hope you like it. 

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 17mm, f8, 2.5s, ISO 100, -0.33ev