Right around the corner from where I'm staying is Masjid As-syakirin, a mosque that has the most amazing pillars and forever reflecting marble floor. Ever since I first walked past it I knew I had to take a photo the only concern was how. During daytime the light is often dull, lacking substance and flat whilst the place is full of people taking refugee from the heat and humidity. I know, travel photography consists of capturing people interacting naturally within their environment but this was not the scene I was after.

At night however, the lights get switched on and the mosque transforms into something different - the people disperse, the light improves and atmosphere arrives. One night, on my walk home from dinner I stopped off to scout out what the best angle to capture the pillars might be (I had no intention of shooting at this point) when I saw a man praying a prime position.

The camera was quickly out and a composition was found - now I just needed to wait. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture him on his knees as he left soon after I was ready but for me that doesn't matter. The way the mans's head is bowed - clearly deep in pray - the woman walking directly towards me and the arrangement of all pillar make this a personal favourite.

I'm definitely going to be heading back - these pillars open up so many opportunities!

Canon 400 EFS, 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 30mm, f5.6, 1/20, ISO 200, -0.67ev