The UK's old architecture is so elaborate and great to look at. It's part of the UK's charm and one the reason so many people enjoying visiting as tourists. This was taken on the same photo walk, just round the corner from where I took Westminster and Big Ben at which point the sun had already disappeared behind the clouds.        

Surprisingly, this was a good thing because it meant the contrast and shadows weren't as hard. Personally I enjoy taking photos on dull and gloomy days - the light is much more calm and the more dramatic and interesting clouds always add substance to the photo.       

This is a photo taken from the North Entrance of Westminster Abbey (as I was informed on Flickr when I put it in the wrong group.. Oops). I enjoy the symmetry of the photo even though I 'broke' a rule of composition by putting the subject in the middle of the frame.

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 59mm, f8, 1/15, ISO 200