The great thing about digital photography is the instant feedback and the fact that taking a photo (after buying the camera) costs nothing. You can shoot away without any concern for getting the negatives printed. This photo is a prime example of just pressing that shutter without thought.

Having said that, I do wish I had given it some thought first. We had been walking around Central Park all morning so sat down for a few minutes before moving on. As I placed the camera beside me I noticed the bench used these cool rings as arm rests. So, I pushed the shutter without really thinking about it. 

That runner at the end of the photo was not intentional - I didn't know she was there until I reviewed the photo later. As you can see the point of focus is a little off, which otherwise would have been a cool photo. I'm glad I can hit that shutter button whenever I want and not have to be concerned with costs to review the photo but to get any really worthwhile shot you do need to be plan it out a bit more. 

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm; 17mm, f4, 1/160, ISO 100