Recently I've been thinking of additional ways to highlight my photography and travel experiences - creating and promoting my website online is a start but I'm trying to find ways to take it to the next level, so to speak. 

I've viewed loads of different photography websites, read plenty of relevant marketing ideas and yet I've still only got a small understanding on what could or should be done. What I've managed to get my head around and understand thus far is this:

There's the tried and trusted route of getting your photo's published in a magazine or setting up an exhibition - both very tough and competitive. This market is full to the brim of amateurs, semi-pro and professionals that it takes something incredible to be noticed. I know, I'm an amateur too so I need to heed my own advice and create an incredible body of work - I'm working on it, really, I am. 

Quote: "Own your local zip code" - Scott Bourne (No. #7.) 

Other possible options include advertising in your local paper/ yellow pages or setting up stall at your local market. There is a possible option of offering to be an assistant to the local "Pro" to gain both market experience as well as future contacts. Then, after a length of time break away to forge your own path and hope you have met enough potential clients to keep the business afloat for the first couple months/ years as you become settled. 

As Scott Bourne mentions - get to be known as the photographer for your local area. Don't go after being a world wide recognised photographer right from the start - it's just not going to happen (least that's what everyone says...).

My problem now then, is that I don't really have a local area. Sure, I live in Hong Kong but I'm elsewhere for much of the time. As of writing I have put together around 2 out of 8 months in Hong Kong this year - already, I've spent half a year overseas - the longest period being in March/ April when I spent just under 4 weeks there. 

All great advice and ideas but I'm not, least right now, in a position to follow through so what is my path forward? Currently I have a body of work that includes photo's taken in North America, Central America, Europe, and Asia. Not bad. However, as I visited some of the places before I really understood photography I'm limited to only a couple photo's from those respective areas. 

How I plan to move my photography forward is simple. In addition sharing a single photo each day from a different location I am going to produce photo journals of my experiences. These will be projects where I will try to articulate a certain travel adventure. These journals will vary in size depending on the situation but I will guarantee photos - only the best and enough to leave you wanting more. 

After all, if a photo can say a 1000 words how much does the fulfilment of visiting the place say? 

One of these journals is about to make it's way into a magazine (around the end of this month - I'll let you know when) and I have another under development. These journals will become the body of my work with, which I hope to market myself.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy them.