The Christmas back in 2007 was my first in England and the first with my new Canon DSLR so I was looking forward to getting some Wintery photos. Looking back I wish I knew more about photography at the time as I probably could have got more photos from the holiday than I did. I guess I've got slightly better at photography than when I first started 

On Christmas Eve I walked into town to buy the remainder of my presents - I knew what I wanted to buy so it was all good - and I took my camera with me. I strolled through Parker's Piece, which is a huge open field in the middle of Cambridge, and took a shot of this cool looking lamppost. It's right in the middle of the park at the cross section for all the paths so I got lucky that nobody was walking through.

The early morning cold mist added some atmosphere to the capture - not that I was planning this at the time since I didn't really know what exposure settings I needed for mist!

Canon 400D EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 85mm, f16, 1/100, ISO 200