Very soon I'm going to bring a introduce a new location - it was where I spent my Christmas and New Year, so yes, the place was snowy, however I'll leave it there until for now. Before I reveal the location I'm going to bring back a spot I haven't shown in a while. 

After spending the night shivering away in the morning we decided to go hiking up one side of the valley. This started off as just a short stroll to warm ourselves up whilst trying to take in some of the awesome sights and ended up as a lot harder than expected. There was no real plan to our walking other than we wouldn't mind going up "just a little bit" so that we could grab a view of the valley. 

Well an a couple of hours later, a couple of hundred metres higher and after passing over a couple of snow covered rivers we caught sight of the views we were interested in. Yosemite National Park really is rather spectacular and I'd love to come back - in the summer. 

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 17mm, f11, 1/30, ISO100