I got to spend the 2010 summer months in Kuala Lumpur working towards a brand new LPGA tournament. I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed living there for 4 months, however, I missed summer in Hong Kong - considering the previous two summers I had spent in Hong Kong were some of the best couple of months holiday I've had this was hard to swallow. 

To make matters worse my brother and friends were enjoying the best weather Hong Kong has to offer whilst jumping of bridges, diving into pools and generally enjoying themselves rotten. I was working. For two weekends I flew back and joined in the fun, which although was fantastic it was also very short lived. Who knew 48hrs could fly by so fast!  

To cap things off my brother has put together a video of their exploits - I feature as the driver at the start whist providing the backflip with Will who did the front somersault & 1/2 (0:57 - 1:03min) - which only serves to make me more jealous. 

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. More of his edits are available here

The 852 Waters from Robin Lee on Vimeo.