After flying from Hong Kong, during which I snapped photos of the airport, I eventually arrived in Singapore. I'm going to be spending the year here for work purposes, which should be fun and provide a good base from where I can travel the region. I'm looking forward to the change of scenery but as good as 24C - 31C everyday is I'm not looking forward to the same climate everyday year round!

I was hoping to start a project that enables me take a photo from the exact same spot at 4 points out of the year - you know, show the seasonal variation. Guess that's not going to be happening this year and I'm going to have to think of something else. Suggestions are welcome.

Since I'm in Singapore again I feel it is only suitable to post a photo from a previous trip. I like the patterns on these fans - they always tell a story, however I'm unable to read all the characters so I can't read what it says. One day. Until then I'm going to enjoy the patterns and textures.

Canon 400D, EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 85mm, f5.6, 1/4, ISO 400