I'm now back in Singapore for the next couple of months so hopefully, being stationary in one place for a while will allow me put together regular updates. This time round I have my tripod with me so I my aim is to get out there and shoot some long exposure photos. 

To start this new swing off the photo for today was from my excursion on Sunday night to Collyer Quay and the ever changing Skyline of Singapore. It's a pretty impressive sight and the sun sets nicely behind the buildings. I arrived slightly later than I hoped however that didn't stop me trying to capture the skyline as night time fell and the lights began to turn on. This is always my favourite time of day - just before its completely dark but the lights of the building are beginning to illuminate. 

I've added the photo to the slide show on the home page and adjusted the "Featured Gallery" to singapore to reflect my change in location. 

Canon 400D EFS 17 - 85mm f4 - 5.6; 17mm, f7.1, 8.0s, ISO 100, -0.33ev