So far this year has been rather full with trips to Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and back to Singapore that a gap in the schedule for a cheeky holiday hasn't looked likely. Thankfully, one event in Kuala Lumpur has been pushed back a couple of months freeing up, or at least providing an opportunity to take some time off.

I'm planning on heading back to the UK to coinside with Wimbledon and hopefully some of the better British weather. This way my I'll think of the UK as a sunny, warm enjoyable place rather then the cold damp place it often is. Having said all that I was in the UK in the weeks before and after the Christmas/New Year holidays and the weather, although cold, was very sunny. I did enjoy the weather at this time.

I tried to make the most of my time over there to capture Cambridge in this wintery but sunny weather and with a small coating of snow on the ground it made for some interesting photo opportunities.

Today's photo is taken from the bridge over the River Cam that leads into Kings College. The path on the right looking directly at the Kings Collage Chapel. It is a HDR image from 3 exposures.