Going into the start of summer I struggled to maintain any sort of endurance training. I was going to the gym but without any structure. I needed a goal. Hong Kong is lucky to have a proper season of 'trail running events' so it was easy to look forward and start planning. I highlighted the Moon Trekker, the MSIG HK 50km, TNF 100 HK as well as the Vibram HK 100 in January. I also wanted another crack at the MSIG Sai Kung 50km after suffering tremendously with cramps for half the race. 

I ended up missing the Moon Trekker registration start time by 20-min by which time it had reached capacity; for both the long and short distances. Bummer. I have since signed up for the MSIG HK 50km, TNF 100 HK and have entered my name into the Vibram HK 100 lottery - hoping to receive some good news on the 26th September. 

For a number weekends over the past month or two I've been up early and running the TNF 100 route - it's beautiful but brutal! The ridges of Tai To Yan and Pat Seng Leng are stunning and currently my favourite trails in Hong Kong.

Below are a selection of snaps from training.

Tai To Yan Ridge

Hong Kong from the top of Tai Mo Shan

Victoria Habour from the start of the Hong Kong Trail

Aberdeen from Hong Kong Trail - a favourite view