San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is truly iconic and must have been photographed from every angle a hundred times over. Last year in April myself and a couple of friends organised a road trip around California. We flew into LA and drove straight up Route 1 to San Francisco. We managed to get there without the aid of map - we headed for the coast and turned right! 

San Francisco is a fantastic city and I would love to go back and spend some more time there. My 4 days was long enough to get in all the sights but we all left wanting to stay that bit longer. 

It is rather hilly in San Francisco, which provides some pretty cool views of the bay and the surrounding areas. I took this photo as we were heading back to the hotel before going out to dinner. The sunset really was that colour and paired in with the Golden Gate Bridge I thought made a pretty cool photo. It has been cropped into a 2:1 panoramic photo to really show of the sunset and the bridge.